Trainings at ARGAIN

ARGAIN has provided trainings for 10 years, mainly in Project Management with recognised partners such as AFNOR Compétences, our partner since 2006.

A high majority of these trainings are in the framework of consulting missions, especially on the occasion of re-ingeneering repositories of standards in Project Mangement in the phase of change management.

The goal of our trainings is to develop people’s potential and implication by improving and sharing knowledge. To reach this objective, we previously evaluate each trainer, adapt the training method to each group, and take your corporate environment into consideration.

We offer trainings on fundamental concepts of project management that enable each participant to get elementary and necessary knowledge to master their environment. We train participants on fundamental concepts such as project scoping and organisation, methods, and planning tools but also team management and other soft skills that are essential to succeed in a project.

Our specialised trainings

On top of general trainings, we offer specialised trainings of high value on specific project or process environments:

  • Assistance to project ownership
  • Setting up a Project Direction and a PMO structure
  • Change management
  • Product Assurance
  • Value Analysis
  • Agility

Our trainings can be completed with individual or group training in workshops and « Lessons Learned » sessions, coaching, or tutoring.

The goal of these interventions is to solve the difficulties met by each participant, to share experiences and also reinforce team cohesion.