Opportunities within ARGAIN

Many opportunities for talents who wish to join our team:
Methods & Quality Expert:

The Methods, Quality and Tools Expert contributes to the definition and implementation of methods, norms, and procedures within his/her perimeter. He/she sees to the right application of procedures and processes in place. Also the Methods, Quality and Tools Expert contributes to quality audits within his/her perimeter especially through the analysis of dysfunctions and the definition and setting of quality KPI’s. He/she ensures the definition of the SMS/QMS quality policies (Service Management System / Quality Management System) towards continuous improvement of quality. Through his/her different missions, the Expert provides advice and supports the teams.

PMO and Project Portfolio Management:

The PMO coordinates operational steering of projects within the activities of his/her perimeter. One of his/her missions consists in guaranteeing the coherence and alignment of the projects portfolio with the business objectives. He/she follows progress and performance of projects (quality, costs, and timelines). Otherwise, the PMO manages current and forecast capacities of the resources within his/her perimeter. Finally, the PMO elaborates, follows, and updates budget. To that end, the PMO manages a portfolio and guarantees its reliability (consumed, remaining, planning) to produce all necessary reporting to guide the heads of department concerned by the projects.

Project / Programme Director:

The Project / Programme Director is responsible for the strategic outcome of the project. He/she directs the execution of one or several projects in all their complexity and is accountable for all the dimensions. He/she directs the project. He/she therefore defines the goals, determines the human means and guarantees an allocated budget. He/she communicates and leads teams around this project. Also, he/she organises and drives steering committees or meetings, sees to maintain a relation of trust between all actors related to the project and steers change management. To close the project, he/she ensures the validation of the deliverables and writes the final assessment of the project.

Project Manager:

The Project Manager is in charge of leading and coordinating projects to their achievement / delivery, within the agreed costs, timelines, and norms, and coordinating transversal teams. He/she also ensures the organisation, planning, and implementation of a project, or of a whole portfolio, on the basis of internal or external resources in the respect of set objectives.

Functional Analyst Project Ownership / IS:

Your role involves analysing the users’s needs to find the most adapted solutions to meet their expectations and follow the progress of the development. The Analyst takes the users’s / divisions’s needs into consideration (core business, supporting functions …) and supports in the writing of the detailed functional specifications. In collaboration with all the actors of the project, his/her responsibility is to elaborate the solution: assist project owners in their choices, control the technical and functional compatibilities of solutions with the systems in place, etc. He/she also takes in charge functional follow-up, user assistance and ensures training for the applications at the disposal of project owners.