Process Management and Organisation

Our services

Our services in organisation are based on the process approach and relate to the implementation or improvement of an organisation via processes (Audit and process optimisation) within general management (strategic and organisational dimensions) as well as functional and operational management (organisational and methodological approaches).

Our interventions concern job processes, IS processes (projects and maintenance, production) in continuity with IS urbanisation to make sure the IS and the corporate strategy are aligned. We cover all the following topics:

  • Governance
  • Security
  • Human Resources
  • Costs
  • Continuity of activity
  • Purchasing
  • Outsourcing

Among others, we rest on best practices such as TOGAF for IS urbanisation, CMMI for IT development, ISO 20000 and ITIL for production, and Lean Six Sigma for job processes.

With their mastery of repositories, our consultants can ensure the combination of several standards without duplication.

Our consultants can also serve in the operational implementation of the process approach in the coordination of organisational projects, process modelling, process cartographies and specifications. These interventions can lead to a transfer of competence to your teams.

Organisational diagnosis
Process optimisation
Strategy (TOGAF) and IS Urbanisation
Business Process Management (setting up of an organisation by processes)