Our interventions in the field of Quality are focused on:
  • The quality policy (implementation from the business plan and strategy)
  • The implementation or the inventory of the Quality Management System (process approach, continuous improvement ...). The preliminary diagnosis to define the action plan needed for the implementation of the QMS and to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • The implementation or state of the IS Quality Assurance for development and production activities.

We rely on quality repositories such as ISO9001 or sector standards, aeronautics (EN9100) and rail for example, as well as best practices for IS for which we use the right audit techniques (SCAMPI for CMMI) or techniques that are specifically designed by our consulting team. ARGAIN also steps in audits that combine requirements from different repositories.

We can support you to obtain certification by conducting mock audit and implementing corrective action plans.

Finally, we can also join your operational teams to implement your repositories and provide support for quality assurance. For example, we can verify the correct application by planning quality reviews for all applications and projects, lead committees for continuous improvement of processes, capitalise from the analysis of previous project assessments.

The objective of our interventions is to make project teams benefit from lessons learned by our consultants on similar projects and also convince teams of the benefit of a quality package that improves customer satisfaction in the end.

IS Governance (Cobit)

Audit et Diagnosis

Support throughout certifications steps (ISO 9001…)

Implementation f best practices for development and IT production (CMMI, ITIL…)