Our values

Our ambition :

  • Become a reference in the field of consulting
  • Give precedence to internal growth
  • Be faithful to our fundamental values: customer relation based on trust and quality of human relationships
  • Confirm our fields of excellence by making our internal know-how durable
  • Diversify our service with new fields of activity
  • Attract new talents by maintaining team spirit
  • Invest in training and research

ARGAIN is committed to:

  • Provide consultancy on the choice of solutions that best meet your needs and support you in their implementation
  • Precisely define the delegated operations
  • Comply with the quality of expected results, agreed timelines, and budget
  • Match you with the consultants who perfectly master the required methods, techniques, and tools
  • Ensure our consultants’s integrity and independence in their diagnoses and consultancy
  • Provide regular information on progress
  • Anticipate and be responsive whenever needed
  • Ensure confidentiality of information
  • Work in respect with regard to people and cultures